Avatar Halloween Costume

Be An Avatar Character Like In The Movie!

Take on the appearance of an Avatar warrior, and be a piece of the epic motion picture. Turn into the wild Neytiri or the valiant Jake Sully. In the event that you are a fan then you must be one for Halloween. Discover full Avatar outfits, wigs, lances, cosmetics and Avatar cosmetics right here!

Everybody will be taking a second look at you at the Halloween party when you dress as Neytiri ! Find the mysterious universe of Pandora when you wear this delightful ensemble which incorporates: A brilliant blue bodysuit with dim blue stripes, an arm piece, an overskirt for the front and dots that are colorful.           

When I went to the motion picture theater to see this film I was enchanted the entire time! I felt just as I was in the motion picture itself. I did see it in 3d which may have helped however I cherished the motion picture and not long from now I am going to take on the appearance of Neytiri on the grounds that I adored her in the film. She is wild, and in the meantime cherishing and delightful. In the event that you cherished the motion picture excessively then you will need to go as your most loved character.

Perhaps you truly enjoyed Jake Sully the legend in the film or possibly you simply need to do your cosmetics like an Avatar character and simply have your face blue. Whatever you choose, you will get lots of attention everyone will love your cool Avatar costume!!            

You Can Be the Hero Jake Sully and Fight to Save the Pandorian Tribe in Your Avatar Costume.

Become Jake Sully – The tough warrior and legend!

Enter the universe of Pandora in this Na'vi outfit. Look much the same as Jake Sully when you go to this years Halloween party. Everybody will turn to take a gander at you when you land in this outfit which incorporates: A camel colored coat, with a connected dark shirt and the sleeves are brightened with the Na'vi style , matching camel shaded jeans with a tail joined to it and a Jake Sully cover.


Child’s Avatar Neytiri Costume – Transform your child into an Avatar Warrior

Your kids will want to dress up as an Avatar also. Let them trick or treat this year with a magical and fun costume. This Kids Avatar Neytiri costume has a bright blue printed jumpsuit which includes a tail, an apron that has beads, a feather decorated necklace, bracelet, and an arm piece.

Female Avatar Makeup Tutorial

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Male Avatar Makeup Tutorial

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