Zombie Apocalypse Costume

Are You Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Quick, get your Zombie Costume while you still can! A zombie apocalypse is on its way and you had better look the part if you want to stay in one piece. Before you know it, they'll be coming after your brains! Zombies have become one of the biggest mainstream media fads of our time. Celebrate Halloween in true Zombie style with a costume sure to send onlookers running for the hills.

Why not get the zombie apocalypse yourself by wearing one of these terrifying zombie costumes? There's a style and size to fit every taste and each one is unlike anything you've ever seen.

The Zombie Doctor Costume

Beware the zombie doctor. He’s risen from the dead and is on the hunt for replacement body parts. His lab coat stained with blood, his rotting chest and knee peering through his torn scrubs and his bloody latex gloves ready to harvest new organs. It’s only a matter of time before he finds you. This costume also comes with a surgical mask, cap and zombie mask. Chest is made from PVC to help create an authentic zombie look.

How To Make Your Own Zombie Apocalypse Costume!

Homemade Zombie Costumes

Zombies are frequently featured in post-apocalyptic tales. They feed on and terrorize civilization’s few remaining survivors. Want to recreate the zombie look? Take an old pair of clothes and rip them up to create a dilapidated look. Brush some dark colored eyeshadow on your skin and clothes to make it look like you’ve been dredging through the mud. Use spirit gum to create some ghastly open wounds and don’t forget to use face paint to finish the look!

If you’d rather play the good guy, dress up as a zombie hunter. Put on a pair of cargo pants, a white tank top and tie a bandana around your leg to represent a tourniquet. Complete the costume with a fake cross bow or machine gun. Now you’re ready to take on those hordes of zombies.

Better yet, play the hero. Every single apocalypse movie has its hero who’s not afraid to take on mindless zombies or terrifying mutants. Find a cargo vest with plenty of pockets and fill them with survival supplies like protein bars and water bottles. Make sure they are peeking through the pockets! Instead of one fake machine gun, bring two and carry them on your back. Don’t forget to strap that extra fake hand gun to your thigh. Rip up a pair of pants to make it look like you’ve been through one too many battles. Create some fake wounds with spirit gum and use plenty of fake blood.

Creating Your Costume

Gather all of your materials, including clothing, accessories and makeup. Start with the under garments first. Regardless of whether they’ll be visible through holes in your costume, it’s best to use pieces that are authentic. Use torn black t-shirts and fishnets or leggings that have rips and holes work great under bottom pieces.

Next, move on to your outside layers. To create an authentic feel, try to have at least one lower and upper layer. Make use of jackets, gloves and boots. If you choose to wear a pair of gloves, cut off the ends to add to the look.

Add some accents to your costume by either wrapping, taping, sewing or pinning on patches, webbing, netting or anything else you can find. You want the look to be erratic and unexpected. After all, you’ve just been through the apocalypse.

Add slices to your clothing and jackets, use some real mud to make your clothes look dirty and splatter some fake blood to stain parts of the costume.

If the look calls for it, find a scarf, helmet or piece of jewelry that goes well with your costume. Go for pieces that look heavy. For example, use chains for your wrists and ankles. Attach some to your clothing or even use them as necklaces.

Create loose, messy braids. Frizz up your hair. Use spray color to create different color looks. If you’re going for a punk look, go for a Mohawk.

When applying your zombie makeup, make sure that you darken the eye area and your cheekbones. This helps create that dead, lifeless look. Try using charcoal theatrical makeup for this. Deep red or black work best for lip colors. Fake scars can be created with some eyebrow pencils. Be creative! Add fake dripping blood or spirit glue to create wounds. There are some really great video tutorials below. Check them out!

Finally, choose accessories. Fake weapons, sticks, canteens, binoculars and leather backpacks are great costume accents.

The Walking Dead - Decomposed Zombie Costume

Want to be different this year? Want to be creepy scary this year?

Be the ultra creepy Zombie Housewife. She’s classy, she’s elegant, she’s hungry for brains!! This Zombie woman Housewife Costume includes a grey outfit with a piece of gauze to drape over herself.

This is a great one for a Zombie Apocalypse family costume. The costume also has a pearl necklace, handbag, gloves and stockings not included. One size fits most teens and adults.

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